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Texas Kappa Sigma Educational Foundation

Texas Kappa Sigma Educational Foundation, Inc., is a non-profit corporation, organized and operated exclusively for educational purposes under the laws of the State of Texas.

The Foundation's specific educational purpose is to support enrolled or prospective students of The University of Texas in their efforts to:

  • Achieve and maintain high scholastic standards;
  • Create strong fraternal bonds that will serve them personally and professionally throughout their lifetimes.
  • Enhance their cultural and practical knowledge, as well as their ability and desire to work in harmony with their fellowman in promoting pursuits of a civic, religious or educational nature that benefit The University of Texas and the State of Texas.

The Foundation may accomplish this purpose by:

  • Awarding scholarships and grants to enrolled or prospective students of The University of Texas who are qualified to receive them and by making loans to such students to aid them in attending The University. The Foundation's board of directors has the authority to establish standards, conditions and terms to govern the selection of students and to award scholarships, grants and loans to students;
  • Providing for such qualified students lectures, instruction and supervision upon and with respect to cultural, educational, religious and civic matters and subjects; and
  • Providing other means and methods as The Foundation's board of directors may from time to time find appropriate for the accomplishment of the specific purpose for which this corporation is formed and which are not inconsistent with its exclusive educational purpose nor contrary to the other terms and provisions hereof.

The Foundation is responsible for acquiring, managing and operating all real estate related to the Tau Chapter. Its board directors are the only voting members of the corporation.

The Foundation is the House Corporation that owns the Fraternity House and Lodge on behalf of the University of Texas Tau Chapter of Kappa Sigma located at 1002 West 26th Street, Austin. Texas.

The Foundation was created on November 14, 1955 by the following organizers:

Frank C. Erwin, Jr. William E. Darden
B. W. Crain, Jr. W. L. Rudd, Jr
H. J. Shands, Jr. P. E. Peareson
V. W. McLeod James L. Bayless
J. F. Flack Jack S. Josey
Jack G. Taylor James P. Nash
Morin M. Scott Robert L. Hatchett, Jr.
Dan B. Gardner  

Texas Kappa Sigma Educational Foundation
Board of Directors 2012

Chairman: Jim Pritchett
President: Rick Warren
Vice-President: Reggie Tuck
Treasurer: Michael Sharpe
Secretary: Tim Herman