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Jim Pritchett '71 Chosen as Tau Man of the Year

photoThe Tau Trustees & Alumni Association honored Jim Pritchett '71 as 2013 Tau Man of the Year on November 2 at the Kappa Sig Lodge. Tau Man of the Year is the Tau Chapter's most prestigious alumnus award presented for outstanding contributions and service to the Chapter.

"Jim is a visionary, an outstanding leader, a devoted Kappa Sig and always the consummate gentleman," said Hagen McMahon '66, who served on the selection committee. "There's no finer role model for our actives and pledges and no one more deserving of this award."

Pritchett has served on the Texas Kappa Sigma Educational Foundation's board since 2010 and is currently Board Chairman. In 2011, he was the recipient of the Frank C. Erwin award, an honor bestowed by the Tau actives.

As a Kappa Sigma undergraduate, he served the Tau Chapter in numerous roles, including Grand Master in 1974. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in mathematics in 1974, he earned his MBA in marketing from The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business in 1976.

He has held key leadership positions in multiple high-tech companies in the oil and gas, aerospace and healthcare industries. He served as Chairman and CEO of Petris Technology, a global leader in enterprise software for technical data management in the upstream oil and gas industry, until the company was sold to Halliburton in August 2012.

He now has a consulting practice for high-tech companies and serves as CEO of Dynamic Health Strategies, a benefit value-optimization and management company that provides health care data analytical tools to self-insured employers, enabling them to control health care costs and improve employee well-being.

He lives in Houston, with his wife, Mick. They have three grown children: Jennifer, James and Melanie. Jennifer and her husband, Kyle, are expecting their first child in December.

Tau Man of the Year 2013 Jim Pritchett '71 (center)
with Hagen McMahon, Jr. '66 (left) and Tom McCarthy '73 (right).


Posthumous Tau Man Honor Awarded
to Former Governor

photoMan of the Year during his lifetime. To correct this oversight, TKSEF this year honored the late governor with a posthumous Tau Man of the Year award, presented to his daughter, Joann Jester Berry, and grand daughter, Janet Dundas, both of Houston.

As governor, Jester is remembered for the extensive education reforms he implemented to provide Texas school funding. Prior to becoming governor, he is most recognized for his service as Chairman of the University of Texas System Board of Regents. During his tenure, he promoted a UT building program that null included the tower of the Main Building, Hogg Auditorium, the Texas Union, Memorial Stadium, Gregory Gymnasium and the expansion of the University of Texas Medical Branch in

Governor Jester died in office of an apparent heart attack on July 11, 1949. In 1968, Jester Center on the UT campus was named in his honor.

Left to right: Worthy Grand Master Hugh Roberts,
Tau Trustee award presenter Joe Bailey '74, Janet Dundas,
Joe Bailey, Jr. '03, Joann Jester Berry,
and Kappa Sigma Executive Director Mic Wilson


Tau Chapter Honors Rob Lippincott '67

Tau Chapter Grand Master Hayden Witte '10
and Rob Lippincott '67

This year's Frank C. Erwin, Jr. Award was presented to Rob Lippincott in appreciation for his outstanding contributions to the Chapter. This annual award is given by the Tau actives to an alumnus who has provided exceptional support and inspiration throughout the year.

"Rob's level of dedication, loyalty and generosity to his Kappa Sig brothers is truly amazing," said Grand Master Hayden Witte. "He's played a huge role in our Chapter's success and we're very grateful to him for all that he does."

Lippincott and his wife, Cathy, created the renowned Guero's Taco Bar on South Congress, a favorite venue for Kappa Sigs, as well as celebrities and former world leaders when visiting Austin. He was also instrumental in launching the revitalization of South Congress Avenue, now known as SoCo, one of Austin's most successful retail and restaurant districts.

Rob and Cathy have two daughters, Bette and Lyle, both who have recently moved back to Austin after living in Chicago.

photoAbout Frank C. Erwin, Jr: Frank Erwin, Chairman of the University of Texas System Board of Regents from 1966 to 1971, was a devoted Kappa Sig who served as an Alumnus Advisor and a founding Trustee of the Texas Kappa Sigma Educational Foundation. He was honored as Tau Man of the Year both in 1965 and 1980.



Hayden Witte '10 Chosen for 2013 Philip Moore Award

TKSEF President Rick Warren '78
and Hayden Witte '10,
2013 recipient of the Philip Moore Award.

Always ready with a smile and a kind word, Hayden Witte is known for his calm demeanor and his willingness to step up and handle tough situations with grace and maturity. He's widely regarded by alumni leaders as one of the most respected and effective chapter presidents in recent Tau history. For these reasons and more, he is the 2013 recipient of the Philip Moore Award.

In addition to serving as Grand Master, Hayden is also Inter fraternity Council Executive Director. A native of Denton, he is majoring in sport management and economics.

photoPhilip Moore is remembered for his outstanding leadership, service and loyalty to his Tau brothers. He died tragically in a car accident at 29 years of age. The Philip Moore award is given annually by the Texas Kappa Sigma Educational Foundation to a KS senior who demonstrates many of the attributes for which Philip Moore is remembered.


Matt Stubbs '11 Selected for 2013 Gabe Higgins Award

Matt Stubbs '11, 2013 recipient of the
Gabe Higgins Award, and TKSEF Director
Reggie Tuck '69.

A natural leader and hard worker with a positive spirit and warm personality, Matt Stubbs, this year's Gabe Higgins Award honoree, radiates enthusiasm for all things Kappa Sig. Matt serves as Grand Master of Ceremonies and led the very successful "Diamonds in the Rush" 2013 fundraising campaign this summer. He is a music major and a Houston native.

photoGabe Higgins is remembered for his calm and unassuming demeanor, his ready willingness to help a brother in need, and his good character. The Gabe Higgins award is given annually by the Texas Kappa Sigma Educational Foundation to a KS junior who shares many of the good qualities for which Gabe Higgins was known.

Bryce Healey '09 Chosen for Michael O'Connor Award

Bryce Healey '09 and Grand Master Hayden Witte '10.

Bryce Healey is the 2013 recipient of the Michael O'Connor Award, an award that honors the graduating senior who best exemplifies the spirit of Kappa Sigma brotherhood during his years as a Tau Chapter active. Healey, a finance major, graduated in 2013 and served as Tau Chapter Grand Master his senior year.


Even More Reasons to Celebrate Being a Tau Chapter Kappa Sig!

badgeThe Tau Chapter garnered an overall GPA of 3.279 in 2012, earning a second place ranking by the Interfraternity Council among 23 fraternities on the UT campus.

Tau Pledges earned the Number One Interfraternity Council ranking among New Members, with a GPA of 3.285.

The Tau Alumni Chapter was awarded Kappa Sigma Fraternity's "Alumni Chapter of the Year" at the 69th Biennial Grand Conclave in Las Vegas, Nevada held July 24 - 28. This is the second year in a row that our Alumni have been chosen for this esteemed national honor.

Grand Conclave 2013: Kappa Sigma Fraternity's Supreme Executive Committee presents "Alumni Chapter of the Year" award to Tau Chapter. Left to right: WGP Derek Marchman, WGM Hugh Robert, Tau Chapter GM Hayden Witte '10, TKSEF Chairman Jim Pritchett '71, past WGM Christian Nasimento, Tau Chapter active Travis Tuck '10, WGT Adam Apatoff, and Endowment Fund Trustee Greg Hunt.

The Tau Chapter made Kappa Sigma Fraternity's "Top Ten Chapters in Recruitment" for the third year in a row.

The Tau Chapter -- 217 members strong -- is now the second largest chapter in the Kappa Sigma Fraternity, the largest college fraternity in the world.

Kappa Sigma -- the first southern fraternity to extend a chapter north of the Mason Dixon line -- has more than 17,500 members on 314 campuses throughout the United States and Canada.

Five Tau Chapter Alums have earned the national honor of Kappa Sigma Fraternity Man of the Year:

Cyrus R. Smith 1937
Beauford H. Jester 1947
Denton A. Cooley, MD 1964
Richard E. Rainwater 1996
Bill Wittliff 2012

The original Tau Chapter house, then located on West 19th Street, was the first fraternity house to be built west of the Mississippi River.

The Star and Crescent, Kappa Sigma's ideals, are centered on four pillars: Fellowship, Leadership, Scholarship and Service.

star and crescent

Kappa Sigmas are taught to live their lives by the Star and Crescent, which are the symbols of the Fraternity that make up the official badge: "The Star and Crescent shall not be worn by every man, but only by him who is worthy to wear it. He must be a gentleman... a man of honor and courage... a man of zeal, yet humble... an intelligent man... a man of truth... one who tempers action with wisdom and, above all else, one who walks in the light of God."

Click here to read more about the Kappa Sigma legacy:


Nash Horne '10 Appointed to UT System
Board of Regents

photoTau Chapter active Nash Horne has been appointed by Governor Perry to serve as student regent on the UT System Board of Regents. Nash, a political communications major who previously served as the external financial director for UT Austin's Student Government, was sworn into office on June 1 at the Secretary of State's Office.

"I'm cast with a huge responsibility of bringing a student voice to the Board of Regents over the next year and I am excited to hear from all the institutions within the system about what the student issues are," said Nash.

Dan Burck '51 and
Hagen McMahon '66
with newly sworn-in
student regent Nash Horne.

"As student regent, Nash has the tremendous responsibility of representing around 215,000 students from 15 campuses in The University of Texas System. Having knowledge of his many achievements in recent years, I have no doubt that he will bring fresh ideas and significant contributions to the board during his tenure. We are very proud of Nash."

Dan Burck '51
Former Chancellor of
The University of Texas System

photo"Student regents serve a valuable function on the board, offering insights that only current students could have," wrote UT President Bill Powers in his monthly blog Tower Talk. "I'm proud of Nash and look forward to watching his service on the board."

Nash was sworn in by family friend, Jim Schwertner, with his parents, Ed and Elizabeth, at his side.

Nash's term as student regent is for one year. The Texas Legislature created a student regent position in 2005 to provide a student voice for each university's governing board.


Tau Chapter & Pledge Class Earn Top Rankings for Academic Achievement

Top ranked KΣ 2012 Pledge Class
Photo by: Stan Martin

Dear Alumni, Parents & Actives,

It's with great pleasure that I congratulate our Tau Chapter on their outstanding academic performance. The Fall 2012 Interfraternity Council Grade Reports -- released by the Office of the Dean of Students -- rank the Tau Chapter second out of 23 Fraternities on the U.T. campus, with a GPA of 3.279. In the same report, Tau New Members garnered the Number One ranking, with a GPA of 3.285.

This impressive academic showing illustrates the quality of young men the Tau Chapter is attracting and is evidence of a Chapter culture that values initiative, hard work and persistence in working toward one's goals.

On behalf of the entire Tau alumni, I commend our Chapter on a job well done.

Jim Pritchett
Board Chairman
Texas Kappa Sigma Educational Foundation


Screenwriter, Filmmaker & Publisher Bill Wittliff '59
Honored as Kappa Sigma National Man of the Year


More than 240 Kappa Sigs and family members gathered on January 12 to pay tribute to Bill Wittliff as National Kappa Sigma Man of the Year for 2012 -- the highest honor awarded by Kappa Sigma's National Fraternity. The celebration and award ceremony were held at the Tau Chapter's Kappa Sigma Lodge.

As a screenwriter and producer, Wittliff's credits include The Perfect Storm, The Black Stallion, Legends of the Fall and Lonesome Dove, among others. Cofounder, with his wife, Sally, of the highly regarded Encino Press, Bill Wittliff is a past president and Fellow of the Texas Institute of Letters, a recipient of the Texas Book Festival Bookend Award and the Texas Medal of Arts. He is also a member of the historic Texas Philosophical Society and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences.

Wittliff is a distinguished photographer and writer whose photographs have been exhibited in the United States and abroad and are the subject of three books.

Worthy Grand Master Christian Nascimento, Kappa-Eta, Widener '93, presented the award to Brother Wittliff. Executive Director Mic Wilson, Beta-Nu, Kentucky '78, opened the ceremony with introductions and Worthy Grand Master of Ceremonies Derek L. Marchman, Lambda-Xi, Georgia College '85, provided the invocation.

Wittliff is the fifth initiate of UT's Tau Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity to receive the National Man of the Year award. Past recipients include former American Airlines CEO Cyrus Smith, Texas Governor (1947-49) Beauford H. Jester, renowned heart surgeon Denton Cooley, M.D. and financier Richard Rainwater.

The Austin Mayor's Office issued a proclamation marking January 12 as Bill Wittliff Day. Wittliff is a 1959 initiate of the Tau Chapter at the University of Texas and lives in Austin.


Tau Man of the Year Honorees

The Tau Men of the Year are honored by the Tau Trustees
in recognition of their accomplishments among their fellow
man and their loyalty to Kappa Sigma and Tau Chapter.

2013   Jim Pritchett '71
2012   Rick Warren '78
2011   Wade Kilpatrick '69, Charles Bankhead '57
2010   F. Hagen McMahon, Jr. '66
2009   George A. Alcorn '53
2008   Robert A. "Monk" White '60
2007   Clifton Morris '53
2006   Robert H. Whilden Jr. '54
2005   Norman Joe Bailey '73
2004   Eric Douglas McLeod '60
2003   John F. Austin III '63
2002   Joe K. Longley '61
2001   R. D. "Dan" Burck '51
2000   Nicholas K. Kralj '62
1999   Jack W. Lander Jr. '43
1998   Charles C. Pierce Jr. '53
1997   Robert J. Hewitt '50
1996   David E. Bell '63, William W. Collins, Jr '65,
Stewart W. DeVore Jr. '65, Mark L. Hart Jr. '62,
Robert J. Hewitt '50, Robert A. Moor '64,
John T. Sharpe '55
1995   Robert A. Moor '64
1994   Charles Alcorn '46
1993   Mark L. Hart Jr. '62
1992   William "Bill" D. Wittliff '59
1991   W. James McAnelly, Jr. '48
1990   Richard G. Miller '38
1989   Richard E. Rainwater '63
1988   Hon. David O. Belew Jr. '39
Hon. Joe B. Estes '25
1987   William W. Collins, Jr. '65
1986   Steve Murrin Jr. '59
1985   John H. Rauscher Jr. '43
1984   John R. Warren '55
1983   Webb M. Sowden Jr. '54
1982   John T. Sharpe '55
1980   Ron Waldie '55, Frank C. Erwin Jr. '38
1979   William N. Finnegan III '43
1977   E. Philip Moore
1976   Ben F. Looney III '45
1975   Hilmar G. Moore '39
1974   Timothy J. Herman '63
1972   Robert D. Spellings '60
1971   Howard V. Rose Jr. '50
1970   Hilmar G. Moore '39
1969   James L. Bayless '43
1968   Jack G. Taylor Jr. '61
1967   Dause L. Bibby '30
1966   Denton A. Cooley, MD '38
1965   Frank C. Erwin, Jr. '38
1964   Judge Robert E. Thomason 1899
1963   Joe B. Hogsett '01, James P. Nash '12, C. R. Smith '24
Date Unknown:   Jack Josey '35