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Tau Legacy 2015 Campaign Committee

Campaign Chairman
Danny Grant '79

TKSEF Board of Directors
Jim Pritchett '71
Mike Sharpe '79
Reggie Tuck '69
Brian Miller '79
Tim Herman '63

Steering Committee
Rob Lippincott '67
Loren Singletary '67
Joe Bailey '73
Rick Warren '78
John Sarvadi '85

Campaign Team
Joe Russo '52
Johnny Cochran '61
Mike Rose '67
Roy Markum '69
Mike Doherty '72
John Kincade '79
Drew Kanaly '80
Joel Fontenot '81
Bill Stubbs '81
Johnny Byrd '83
Bryan Plater '84
William Boyce '85
Bill Jackson '86
Wyeth Wiedeman '86
Bobby McGehee '89
Vinny Pilegge '93
Avery Alcorn '06
Hayner Rude '06

Design & Construction Team

Dan Burck '51 (in memoriam): alumnus and former Independent Chairman of the Board of American Campus Communities

Bob Ellis: father of Robert Ellis '15, owner/operator of Southwest Corporation Construction Services

Tim Herman '63: alumnus, T.K.S.E.F. board director and law partner with Howry, Breen & Herman LLP

Hagen McMahon '66: alumnus, business consultant, advisor to the T.K.S.E.F. Board and Chairman of the Building Committee

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New Residence Hall is Now Open 

Dear Tau Alumni and Parents,

The Kappa Sigma Residence Hall — one of the grandest fraternity houses ever to grace the University of Texas campus — is finished and now open to Tau Chapter actives. The new Residence, together with the Kappa Sigma Lodge built in 2010, marks the realization of the Tau Chapter’s vision and long-term plan to have the finest fraternity campus in the world.

Spanning a total of 40,000 square feet, the first floor features the grand room, four smaller study areas, six officer residences, and the property manager’s office. The second and third floors house 15 bedrooms each.

The north side of the first floor opens on to a spacious deck that spans the entire width of the building, rising 14 feet above the basketball court.










Katheryn Lott Architects of Austin, an award winning firm with credits that include the Kappa Sigma Lodge, provided architectural design.

Bailey Elliott Construction - Austin — a full service general contractor serving the Austin area for four decades — was the builder.

Hagen McMahon ’66, serving as building committee chairman, worked directly with the architect, general contractor, and engineers to ensure that the integrity of the building design was followed to meet the objectives set by the Tau Trustees, as well as comply with the City of Austin permitting codes and Austin Fire Marshal’s Office.

General contractor Bob Ellis, owner of Southwest Corporation, provided invaluable expertise and oversight — donating hundreds of hours to ensure the success of the building process. Mr. Ellis is the father of Tau active Robert Ellis ’13.

Elizabeth Phillips Horne, who has helped create several of the most successful home building and residential development companies in the nation, has given freely of her time to provide interior design. Mrs. Horne is the mother of Tau alumnus Nash Horne ’10 and a former president of the Tau Chapter Parents’ Association.

On behalf of the Tau Trustees, I would like to extend our deepest gratitude to everyone who has contributed their time, talent, and resources to the new Residence Hall. We are especially grateful to those of you who have given so generously to both the Tau 125 and Tau Legacy Capital Campaigns.

This is likely to be the only Kappa Sigma Tau Residence Hall that will be built in our lifetimes and — although it is complete — we are a long way from having it paid for. We have several rooms available for naming opportunities that you might consider. Please contact one of the alumni listed below today and pledge your donation:

Danny Grant ’79                       (713) 830-4515
Mike Sharpe ’79             (817) 422-1108
Tim Herman ’63              (512) 474-7300
Willie Madden ’84   (713) 303-6446
Jim Pritchett ’71                     (713) 515-0719

Thank you so much for honoring your commitment to the Kappa Sigma Tau Chapter.


Jim Pritchett
Jim Pritchett ‘71
Board Chairman
Texas Kappa Sigma Educational Foundation 




Upcoming Events:


The 10th Annual
Denton Cooley Tau Classic Tournament

June 6, 2017 Memorial Park Golf Course in Houston

This year’s tournament is dedicated in loving memory to Brother Denton A. Cooley, MD ’38 (1920 - 2016).

Tournament is open to Tau Chapter/Kappa Sig alumni, Tau Chapter actives and their fathers, and non-Kappa Sig friends. Players over 65 will play from senior tees.  

Online Registration.

For more information, please contact:

Jim Pritchett
(713) 515-0719

Chuck Berson
(713) 979-8677

Willie Madden
(713) 303-6446



Tau Legacy Campaign


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