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2018 Tau Man of the Year

Reggie Tuck '69



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Tau Legacy Capital Campaign Committee

Campaign Chairman
Danny Grant '79

TKSEF Board of Directors
Jim Pritchett '71
Mike Sharpe '79
Reggie Tuck '69
Brian Miller '79
Tim Herman '63

Steering Committee
Rob Lippincott '67
Loren Singletary '67
Joe Bailey '73
Rick Warren '78
John Sarvadi '85

Campaign Team
Joe Russo '52
Johnny Cochran '61
Mike Rose '67
Roy Markum '69
Mike Doherty '72
John Kincade '79
Drew Kanaly '80
Joel Fontenot '81
Bill Stubbs '81
Johnny Byrd '83
Bryan Plater '84
William Boyce '85
Bill Jackson '86
Wyeth Wiedeman '86
Bobby McGehee '89
Vinny Pilegge '93
Avery Alcorn '06
Hayner Rude '06

Design & Construction Team

Dan Burck '51 (in memoriam): alumnus and former Independent Chairman of the Board of American Campus Communities

Bob Ellis: father of Robert Ellis '15, owner/operator of Southwest Corporation Construction Services

Tim Herman '63: alumnus, T.K.S.E.F. board director and law partner with Howry, Breen & Herman LLP

Hagen McMahon '66: alumnus, business consultant, advisor to the T.K.S.E.F. Board and Chairman of the Building Committee

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Tau Man of the Year Reggie Tuck '69 Encourages Pledges and Actives to "Stay Connected for the Long Haul” 

Land developer Reggie Tuck '69 was honored as Tau Man of the Year on November 3 by more than 400 Kappa Sigs, family members and guests at the Tau Trustee Reunion and Parents' Weekend annual luncheon. 

Tau alumni brothers Harry D. (Buddy) Hopson Jr. '68, Hayden Witte '10, Hayner Rude '06, and Hagen McMahon '66 reflected on what Reggie has meant to them over the years and the type of man they know him to be. 

"Reggie is everything any Kappa Sig should aspire to be," said Hagen McMahon. "He's hardworking, resourceful, a great family man, Tau brother, and friend, and generous with both his time and treasure to Kappa Sigma and his community. He's a fun guy with a great sense of humor and — not least of these things — he's a kind man with a good heart.” 

Reggie offered some words of advice to Tau actives and pledges: "Stay connected with your brothers for the long haul. The guys sitting next to you will most likely be in your wedding," he said. "I just went to a wedding where nine out of ten of the groomsmen were Kappa Sig brothers of the groom." 

Reggie is the founder and co-owner of Ranch Enterprises, Ltd. Based in Kerrville, it is one of the largest recreational raw land development companies in Texas, with prime areas of development in the Texas Hill Country, South Texas, West Texas, New Mexico and Colorado. He has also developed residential subdivisions in and around Kerrville. 

He served on the TKSEF board from 2008 - 2017. In 2012 he was chosen for the Frank Erwin Award for his many years of outstanding support and guidance to the Tau Chapter. 

He and his wife, Rhonda, have two sons, both Kappa Sigs, Cody '07 and Travis '10, and a daughter, Mason, a Delta Gamma 2014 initiate. All three graduated from UT. Cody and his wife, Ashley, have two children, a son, Will, age 2, and a daughter, Peyton, age 1. 


Kappa Sigma Tau Chapter 2018 Pledge Class

The 2018 Tau Chapter Pledge Class, along with actives, friends, and pets, on the steps of the Warren Residence Hall. 

Joey Abihabib
Tyler Arrington
Colby Babb
William Braden
Drew Brady
Jack Brewer
Alex Cartwright
Sean Cleland
Whit Cooper
Ethan Craft
Harper DeLoach
Alek Dubney
Jack Geiger
Zach Gerhard
James Goettee
Jeremy Gordon
Austin Hayes
Jared Jong
Michael Kolander
Mason Lamberton
Derden Lyle
Eduardo Marcos

Austin, TX
Dallas, TX
Austin, TX
Cibolo, TX
Forney, TX
Dallas, TX
Southlake, TX
Houston, TX
Little Rock, AR
Houston, TX
Coppell, TX
San Diego, CA
San Jose, CA
Plano, TX
Houston, TX
Southlake, TX
Kerrville, TX
Bellaire, TX
Round Rock, TX
Houston, TX
Houston, TX
Dallas, TX

David Medellin,
Joseph Orozco,
Thomas Palomera
Nick Paulson
Davis Peck
Judge Player
Landon Poindexter
Ian Ragiel
Darren Reisner
Christian Reyes
Tiernan Schindel
Brian Shin
Alex Snell
Alejandro Solorzano
Bennett Somera
Garrison Taska
Anthony Thomas
Robert Thornhill
Nick Thresher
Antonio Vivero
Chris Wall
Hunter Wilson
Brett Wilson

Houston, TX
Rockwall, TX
San Antonio, TX
Austin, TX
New Braunfels, TX
Austin, TX
Houston, TX
Houston, TX
Sarasota, FL
Houston, TX
Round Rock, TX
Keller, TX
Frisco, TX
Houston, TX
Houston, TX
Kingwood, TX
The Woodlands
Dallas, TX
Dallas, TX
Richardson, TX
Raleigh, NC
Houston, TX
Austin, TX

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The subjects of last month’s photo challenge were the cast of characters appearing in a Kappa Sig skit performed for the Varsity Carnival in the early 60s. The skit, written by Bill Wittliff, won first place. The second photo includes the same group of Sigs at Shultz’s Beer Garden years later. The cast includes: Robert “Doc” Chaney ‘61, Robert Borgers ‘61, Pat Cagle ’59, Bob Pettit '59 (deceased), Bob "Daddy-O” Wade ‘62, Bill Wittliff ’59 and George Siddons ‘59. 

Jim Carroll ’59, George Siddons ’59, and Robert Parks ‘58 correctly identified all or several of the Sigs in the photos. Thank you for your submissions.

If you have photos from your personal Kappa Sig archives that you’d like to share, please scan and email them to us, along with the names of those in the photos and any relevant information you’d like to sharee.