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Tau Legacy 2015 Campaign Committee

Campaign Chairman
Danny Grant '79

TKSEF Board of Directors
Jim Pritchett '71
Mike Sharpe '79
Reggie Tuck '69
Brian Miller '79
Tim Herman '63

Steering Committee
Rob Lippincott '67
Loren Singletary '67
Joe Bailey '73
Rick Warren '78
John Sarvadi '85

Campaign Team
Joe Russo '52
Johnny Cochran '61
Mike Rose '67
Roy Markum '69
Mike Doherty '72
John Kincade '79
Drew Kanaly '80
Joel Fontenot '81
Bill Stubbs '81
Johnny Byrd '83
Bryan Plater '84
William Boyce '85
Bill Jackson '86
Wyeth Wiedeman '86
Bobby McGehee '89
Vinny Pilegge '93
Avery Alcorn '06
Hayner Rude '06

Design & Construction Team

Dan Burck '51 (in memoriam): alumnus and former Independent Chairman of the Board of American Campus Communities

Bob Ellis: father of Robert Ellis ?15, owner/operator of Southwest Corporation Construction Services

Tim Herman '63: alumnus, T.K.S.E.F. board director and law partner with Howry, Breen & Herman LLP

Hagen McMahon '66: alumnus, business consultant, advisor to the T.K.S.E.F. Board and Chairman of the Building Committee

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Kappa Sigma

Duer Wagner Jr. '48 Named 2016
Tau Man of the Year

Duer Wagner Jr., president and owner of Duer Wagner Jr. Interests, a successful oil and gas company based in Fort Worth, will be honored as Kappa Sigma Tau Man of the Year for 2016.

Chosen by Texas Kappa Sigma Educational Foundation for his exceptional contributions to the Tau Chapter, he will be awarded the Chapter's highest honor on November 12 during Parents' Weekend and Tau Trustee Reunion.

Mr. Wagner pledged Kappa Sigma at UT Austin in 1947 and graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration in 1950. He established his oil and gas company in 1956 and is still involved in all facets of exploration, development, and production, and approves all major workover operations.

A longtime resident of Fort Worth, he also owns a ranch in Cresson, Texas, where he oversees all cattle operations.


Letter from the President

Dear Tau Alumni, Parents, Actives, and Pledges:

I'm delighted to report that construction on the new Residence Hall is on schedule. The elevation and roof are complete and plumbing is fully installed. Electrical installation is 90 percent complete and has been green-tagged by the City of Austin as fully compliant with city code.

HVAC individual units have been installed in the second and third floors and we are awaiting city revisions on the first floor, with installation scheduled for completion by the end of September. Insulation and dry wall are 90 percent complete and sheet rock to enclose the insulation will be installed in a matter of days.

The exterior walls -- about 75 percent finished -- are a smooth finish stucco surface and will have a customized swirl appearance in a color that complements the stonework of the Lodge.

The front and back entryways of the first floor will be outlined in stone, with engraved Kappa Sigma and Tau letters displayed above the transoms.

All concrete is complete, including ramp sidewalks and parking lot entrances. Parking will be available on the east and west sides of the building in addition to the garage, for a total of 56 spaces.

Landscaping will begin in a couple of weeks and interior final touches will be made in October. Guided tours will be offered on November 12 during Parents' Weekend and Tau Trustee Reunion.

As we approach the dedication of the new Residence Hall -- also scheduled for November 12 -- I encourage you to make a generous contribution to the Tau Legacy 2015 Capital Campaign. Please contact me or one of the other alumni listed below and make your pledge today.

Danny Grant '79, Capital Campaign Chairman (713) 830-4515
Willie Madden '84, Capital Campaign Co-Director (713) 303-6446
Jim Pritchett '71, T.K.S.E.F. Chairman (713) 515-0719
Tim Herman '63, T.K.S.E.F. Secretary (512) 474-7300
Brian Miller '79, T.K.S.E.F Treasurer (432) 230-2990
Reggie Tuck '69, T.K.S.E.F Vice-President (830) 739-2194

Thank you for helping sustain this great legacy that has served us all so well.




Mike Sharpe '79
T.K.S.E.F. President
(817) 422-1108


Upcoming Events:

KS Fall Parent/Trustee Reunion/Man of Year

conclave 2015

A New Kappa Sigma Residence Hall for the Tau Chapter is now under construction.

Please pledge your donation to the Tau Legacy 2015 Capital Campaign today.

Willie Madden
Director of Alumni Relations
& Capital Campaign
P.O. Box 5021
Austin, TX 78763-5021
Phone: (713) 303-6446

Click here for more information about the Tau Legacy campaign:


Legacy Bricks


Click on the Construction Cam link to view the Tau Chapter Residence Hall construction site:

live cam